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DCC Containment Free-Standing

The comprehensive solutions for your data center. Our Containment solutions are highly individual and pass the space, power supply and cooling for servers, storage and the network in your data center. Vertiv Knür DCC Containment for Free-standing constructs a flexible cold aisle containment that permits fast, modular replacement of free-standing systems.

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In many data-centers, what are known as "free-standing systems" are installed in addition to the server cabinets. These cabinets are often of non-standard dimensions and are regularly swapped out in line with a defined rotation schedule (usually one to three years). Free-standing systems may include storage cabinets, cluster applications (e.g. IBM, SUN) or server cabinets (e.g. IBM, HP, SUN etc.). There are many reasons for delivering these as a complete package including cabinets. For storage applications, one of the main reasons is product liability. Cluster applications on the other hand are usually leased, while the reasons pertaining to server applications are often related to marketing.


Most energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the patented SmartAisle™ control principle.
Everything fits - the whole solution from one hand.
Higher power densities possible – saving on footprint and size of the equipment.
High reliable supply of cold air for all areas with SmartAisle™ control.
Longer "survival" with total loss of cooling.
Ideal conditions for IT equipment with SmartAisle™ control.


Flexible adjustment to cabinets with
non-standard dimensions.
For racks and applications that are
swapped out on rotation.
Can be combined with SmartAisle™

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