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Współpraca z przedstawicielem Vertiv umożliwia dostosowanie złożonych projektów do indywidualnych potrzeb. Jeśli reprezentujesz organizację, która poszukuje wskazówek technicznych dotyczących dużego projektu, Vertiv zapewni Ci potrzebne wsparcie.

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Wielu klientów współpracuje z resellerem i/lub partnerem Vertiv, a następnie kupuje produkty Vertiv dla własnych zastosowań IT. Partnerzy są gruntownie przeszkoleni, posiadają odpowiednie doświadczenie oraz są dobrze przygotowani do konfigurowania, oferowania i wspierania rozwiązań oraz infrastruktury IT, przy użyciu produktów Vertiv.

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Już wiesz, czego potrzebujesz? Potrzebujesz wygodnych zakupów online i dogodnych warunków transportowych? Niektóre kategorie produktów Vertiv można zakupić za pośrednictwem resellera internetowego.

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Potrzebujesz pomocy w wyborze produktu? Porozmawiaj z wykwalifikowanym specjalistą Vertiv, który pomoże Ci znaleźć odpowiednie rozwiązanie.

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The page you're viewing is for Polish (EMEA) region.

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Telecoms providers are ideally placed to be a key player in the new Edge network architecture. What’s less obvious is how telecoms providers will monetize their involvement. Other players, OTT content providers to name one are also equally attracted by the prospect of delivering monetized services at the edge.

So why will pay for this Edge? Telecoms providers see it is a real opportunity but how will they establish their role in the value chain and get the business model right. Energy costs, logistical and competitive obstacles all need to be choreographed perfectly if the edge is to be an opportunity, and not simply a distraction or worse still, a threat for the operator.

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Po otrzymaniu i zapoznaniu się z niniejszą polityką prywatności w zakresie przetwarzania danych osobowych (dostarczanych zgodnie z Artykułem 13 Rozporządzenia UE 679/2016), wyrażam zgodę na:

Meet our Speakers



Fernando Garcia
Vice President and General Manager for Latin America, Vertiv. 136x144-social-media- linkedin.png

Fernando Garcia joined Vertiv in July 2018 as Vice President and General Manager for Latin America, with the responsibility for leading sales and services operations and business development in the region. Prior joining Vertiv, Fernando held various leadership positions in technology companies around the world. Fernando participates in various industry associations and is focused on helping public and private institutions to be more efficient with IT resources. Fernando earned his MBA in Global Executive at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, B.S in Telecom Engineering at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain and a master’s Degree in Human Resources at the CAI Business School, in Zaragoza, Spain.


Scott Armul
Vice President and General Manager, DC Power, Vertiv. 136x144-social-media- linkedin.png

Scott Armul is Global VP of DC Power and the Outside Plant Line of Business at Vertiv, responsible for New Product Development, Engineering and Execution targeting the Telecom and Data Center space. Scott has held roles in Strategy, Product Management and Business Development within Services, DC Power /OSP and AC Power UPS during his ten years at Vertiv. Scott is energized by the telecom/data center space and the transformative potential connectivity it has on our lives.



Danny Wong
Senior Director, Telecom Vertical, Asia 136x144-social-media- linkedin.png

Danny is the senior director for telecoms in Asia. He has an extensive background in the industry and is well-versed when it comes to telecom trends and technologies. He graduated from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as an MBA from Lancaster University.


Jon Abbott
Technologies Director, Global Telecom Strategic Clients - EMEA 136x144-social-media- linkedin.png

Since January 2018 Jon serves as Technologies Director, Global Telecom Strategic Clients for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), defining telecom strategy through ‘Voice of the Customer’ and segment trend, focusing on power, cooling and energy efficiency. Jon has over 20 years of experience in the telecom field, working with critical infrastructure for OEMs and CSPs alike. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Product Design from the London South Bank University.


Moderated by:


Missy Dassler
Global Offerings Manager, DC Power, Vertiv 136x144-social-media- linkedin.png

Missy Dassler is a Global Offerings Manager at Vertiv focused on the DC Power and Outside Plant line of business with more than 20 years of marketing experience in the information and communication technologies (ICT) industry. From researching the latest trends in the market, to understanding the challenges faced by leading network providers and operators, Missy collaborates with industry colleagues around the world to develop meaningful tools and experiences that enable our customers’ success. Missy holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Michigan.

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