The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.


Liebert DM

High-performance cooling applications for small computer rooms and network closets

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적합한 용도:
  • Banking Financial and Insurance
  • Data CenterColocationHosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation


Energy saving
High sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency
Equipped with Copeland Scroll Compressors
Provides stable temperature and humidity condition
Fans for outdoor units feature easy to access full range speed regulation
Manageable and uniqe Eco-Mode option
Energy saving component options
V-shaped evaporator**
Group control function offered for units of the same model**
Space Saving
Small footprint – 100% front door access 


User-Friendly and Maintenance-Free
Large screen display with multi-level password protection and expert fault-diagnosis functions
Automatic startup on power and scheduled startup also available
Standard RS485 Monitoring Interface
Equipped with alarm for irregularities on blast reduction, fan failure and filter clogging
Email and SMS notifi cation (thru the Liebert® RDU™) for remote monitoring functions
Highly adaptive
24/7 operation capable
Ultra wide input voltage range; multiple power protection functions
Environment adaptability: adoption to outdoor temperature while meeting cooling requirements
Adaptive to heat dissipation of the main equipment
**For 16kW units 

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Vertiv (Liebert Services)
+1 800 543 2378
610 Executive Campus Drive Westerville Ohio 43082 USA
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Vertiv Academy – Thermal Management Training
+1 844 841 2665
530 Westar Blvd Westerville Ohio 43082 USA
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