The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.


The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.

We offer a wide variety of options to meet your heating requirements. Available heating options include conventional hot water and steam coils, heating coils with integral face and bypass dampers, both indirect and direct fired gas furnaces and electric heaters.


IAQ Condensate Drain Pans
Our standard drain pans are constructed of 16 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, with stainless steel drain connections for rapid condensate removal. Each drain pan has a double-sloped design that prevents standing water in the pan. All drain pans are designed to completely cover the coil plenum section, and are insulated with a minimum of 2” expanded spray foam insulation as standard.


We offer a full range of filter capabilities from 2”, 30% efficient, MERV 8 panel filters up to ultra-high efficiency HEPA filters. For maximum efficiency, filter sections use gasketed, face loading racks, with side-access options also available. Special filters such as carbon, electronic or roll filters are available to meet any filtration requirement.


We offer a variety of humidification options utilizing either steam or high pressure atomization. Each humidifier section is supplied with a factory installed stainless steel drain pan. Air atomizing and ultrasonic humidifiers are also available.


UV Lights
We offer flexible and effective UVC irradiation options for coil and drain pan surface disinfection. Low intensity, full-time irradiation of the coil and drain pan surfaces has been proven effective as a low energy demand, effective disinfectant. Direct air stream disinfection, also known as “on the fly kill,” is also available.


We are an AHRI-certified coil manufacturer and feature a complete line of chilled water, DX, hot water, and steam coils. Coils are aluminum plate fin, copper tube design with brazed return bends. Multiple tube wall and fin thickness options are available. For severe corrosion resistance requirements, copper fins or aluminum fins with ElectroFin® coating are available. 16 gauge stainless steel casings are standard on all cooling coils, and all of our cooling coils over 48” tall feature a unique intermediate drain pan design built right in the fin pack, allowing the use of single coils as tall as 60” with a maximum of 36” between drain pans.


Dampers and Louvers
Our low leak dampers and our outside air louvers are AMCA-tested and -rated for pressure drop, leakage, and water penetration. Our standard damper blades feature an aluminum airfoil design to minimize pressure drop in the fully open damper position. The airfoil design also minimizes noise levels due to the reduced friction of the air movement across the baldes. The low-leak design features neoprene blade edge seals and an overlapping blade edge for secure shut off, without the worry of possible damper over travel, and have a stainless steel side seal. Damper frames are constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel and have a robust linkage system for flawless operation and long life. Factory-mounted damper actuators and locking quadrant options are also available.


Access Doors
All access doors are double wall construction, using the same exterior and interior construction materials and insulation thickness used in the seciton and are mounted in a rugged extruded aluminum frame. Heavy-duty hinges and latches are supplied with adjustable, corrosion resistant hardware, and are designed to be operable form the exgterior and interior of the unit. Optional thermal break doors and frames, view windows, lockable handles, and test ports are also available.


Energy Recovery
Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is essential in modern buildings, and poor IAQ has been directly associated with “sick-building syndrome”, a condition that can result in high illness rates, absenteeism, reduced productivity, and employee turnover. Today’s systems must provide ventilation rates that comply with ASHRAE Standard 62.1. Vertiv only uses AHRI listed energy recovery systems to ensure our customers get the performance they require. The challenge for both building owners and system designers is to provide this without increasing energy consumption. Some of the strategies employed by Vertiv include evaporative cooling, energy recovery coil loops, heat pipes, energy recovery heat exchangers, and energy recovery wheels.


Flow Trac™
FlowTrac measures airflow using the fan inlet cone as a calibrated nozzle with no obstructions in the inlet of the fan, whereas many traditional airflow measuring devices partially obstruct the air entering the fan inlet, affecting fan performance. The use of the FlowTrac system assures that airflow and sound levels are not affected. 

FlowTrac operates by measuring the differential pressure across the inlet cone, converting it into flow using a calibrated gauge or pressure transducer. FlowTrac-equipped units include a calibrated flow gauge as a standard feature.


Sound Traps
Our sound traps are available for any application. This includes special “low frequency” traps specifically designed for the 63Hz, 125Hz, and 250Hz octave bands. Conventional sounds traps with a Mylar sheet over the fill, or packless sound traps with a complete absence of fill, are ideally suited for hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical, food and electronic manufacturing applications where particulate matter (or fiber erosion from conventional fill) could contaminate the airstream.


Variable Frequency Drives
Variable speed fan control offers the most efficient method of air volume control. By varying the fan speed, the system brake horsepower will be reduced in accordance with the fan laws. This means fan brake horsepower will reduce by the cube of the reduction in air volume, providing significant energy savings.  Significant reduction in sound power levels can also be expected. Multi-fan units can utilize a single variable frequency drive per fan section, redundant drives per fan section, or a separate drive for each fan.


Single-Source Power Panel
We offer optional UL 508-listed single-source power panels. These panels include a main disconnect switch, fuses, starters, transformer, HOA switches, relays, and pilot lights. Single-source power panels simplify installation by allowing the job site electrician to connect main power to each unit at a single point. NEMA 1, NEMA 3R, and NEMA 12 enclosures are available.


Factory Installed Controls
To save installation time and field cost, we offer factory installation of most control devices, sensors, actuators, flow dampers, etc. that are provided by any BAS supplier. All of the wiring is run in EMT rigid conduit, and the point to point wiring is shown on our factory wiring schematics. This is a cost effective way to make a unit truly ready to start-up when delivered. Not only does this save significant field labor, but all of the wiring penetrations are done prior to unit final testing, the openings are sealed properly and the specified low leakage rate is maintained.

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