The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.


The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.

In 1980, Energy Labs designed, patented, and manufactured indirect/direct evaporative cooling units—one of the greenest products in HVAC systems today.


These systems will achieve energy efficiency ratios (EER) in excess of 100. When combined with our custom-designed, high-efficiency condensing units the systems will provide the highest energy efficiency systems in industry.


Green Manufacturing


Our state of the art sheet metal nesting software helps us lead the way to minimize our sheet steel waste.

In 2009, we purchased all of our steel from steel companies which produce steel from scrap material. One of our suppliers used over 64% scrap material which kept over 975,000 tons of metal out of our nation’s landfills and provided outlet for abandoned cars that might otherwise blight our scenic landscape

Our manufacturing facility is designed to use natural light; we do not use any electrical lighting during the day.

We clean all the structural metal used in manufacturing with recycled hot water and phosphates. Phosphate is biodegradable detergent; no waste in this process is drained into city sewage system.

We ship 100% of metal scraps including aluminum, steel, copper, acrylic, PVC and insulation to recyclers.

100% of wood crating and boxes utilized in incoming material and parts to our factory is sent back to recyclers.

We manufacture components such as filter frames and fan bases from drop offs generated by other departments such as unit base and sheet metal department. We do not TALK green, we PRACTICE green.

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