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The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.

Chilling With Cryptomining

A crypto-mining start-up had a vision for a better way to serve the mining community. The unique challenges they faced had scarcely been thought of, never mind overcome.

"People that do not care about the future or are simply unable to think ahead will always complain about any new technology."

Interview with Silviu Catalin Balaci

Power is by far your limiting factor, and your biggest cost.  The less power I can waste, the more power I can use for mining, and the more profit I can make. Very few vendors, if any have even thought of this.

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YES, if you look at now only; NO, if you look to the future.  Every new field/technology starts by not being efficient. Cryptocurrency is a new technology, roughly a decade old. Being so new, it is constantly evolving. Right now there are a lot of problems, but these are problems that are being worked on.

We saw that most mining companies provided an opaque service to an uneducated market.  We were already working in the programming side of the business had customers looking for a transparent, more reliable service and we thought, we have the experience to fill that gap.  That’s when we decide to build our first facility.

It’s not a silver bullet that can be applied everywhere. The most common comments I see about blockchain technology not being useful are coming from people living in highly developed countries. Those people shielded from the rest of the world. In reality, this is not the case in all countries.


Disruptive Disrupters

Cryptocurrency is one of the disruptive technologies that has exploded over the last decade. A regular target for the media, it is now a well-known, but often not so well understood technology.

The challenges of running a professional mining operation are considerable.

In the worst possible conditions to cool their equipment, an incredible PUE was achieved. Optimising their power through efficient cooling was the key.

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Silviu Catalin Balaci
CEO EvoBits IT
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The thermal side is the hardest, probably the worst possible conditions to cool your equipment... not many vendors, if any, have thought of this before.

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Technology Spotlight

EvoBits IT bought Vertiv Liebert Evaporative Free Cooling (EFC) technology to cool their datacenter. The company describes EFC as 'probably the most efficient on the planet right now'. Decide for yourself.

Product in Depth

Do you have you a technical question you'd like answered, like to find out more about EvoBits' experience working with us or the solution they chose and why?

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