Let Vertiv engineers help you determine your compliance needs

Achieving compliance with NERC requirements takes knowledge of the complex and ever-changing regulations. Start with our initial compliance assessment. Evaluation of your infrastructure involves on-site data collection and analysis by our highly-trained and experienced engineers. They will perform computer modeling and analysis of your electrical system and will provide you with a detailed report with recommendations and possible corrective actions required for achieving NERC compliance.



Configure your relays for maximum system protection while fully adhering to applicable NERC requirements

Vertiv's protection and control engineers can help determine the best configurable relay settings and logic to provide maximum system protection, advanced functionality, and compliance with NERC requirements. Our engineers will take time to fully understand and define your system's requirements, such as how the protection system should respond in the event of a fault, how protective relays should communicate with other systems, and what functions, in addition to protection, the relays should perform.



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