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When your dependence on critical systems can be the difference between safety or disaster, reliability must be absolute. We understand the complexity of heavy industries and utilities and know that not every facility faces the same challenges. That’s why Vertiv specializes in problem solving in extreme environments, for a full range of mission critical industrial applications. We support you where expert knowledge and an adaptable approach are key to safe operations.

Our Products

AC Industrial UPS

Provide secure power to critical AC loads in demanding environments with Chloride AC Industrial UPS. Protect AC equipment and processes from the effects of power interruptions and variations.

Industrial Inverter

Customize critical power solutions for heavy-duty industries in your Chloride Industrial Inverter system. Have optimal performance in diverse electrical and environmental conditions.

DC Industrial UPS

Ensure continuity of service to critical DC loads in extreme environments with Chloride DC Industrial UPS. In several configurations, these UPS systems can provide reliable DC power to your specific needs.

Our Services

Industrial UPS Preventive Maintenance

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your emergency power system’s batteries is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure system reliability and prevent costly downtime.

Industrial UPS Upgrade and Replacement Services

Vertiv’s complete range of life-extension services helps you take advantage of the latest technology without incurring high replacement costs.

Spare Parts for Industrial, Utility and Harsh Environment Sites

Your industrial power protection system is designed to operate for 20+ years, but it will need timely part replacements to function properly. Spare parts kits can be created according to your system age and application environment.

Support Links

We're here to help. Download the latest technical documentation, manuals, data sheets for your industrial UPS and inverter products; get the right support for product compliance, warranties, and maintenance; or ask Vertiv experts to get quick answers.

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