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Vertiv Cybex AFP Remote KVM Switch

The Cybex Active Front Panel (AFP) is a simple, dedicated device designed for remote control and to enhance desktop situational awareness when using Vertiv KVM switches

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Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
Warranty: 3 Year Full Coverage Factory Warranty - Optional Extended Warranty Available

The Cybex AFP can be used with the following switches that are 4 or 8-port: SC800/900 series, SCKM 140/SCKM 145, 4-port SV200/300 series, and SVKM 140.

Model Specifications Overview
Vertiv AFP0004 Remote KVM Switch
1 x RS232   .7   6.5   1.3   .125 lbs  
Vertiv AFP0008 Remote KVM Switch
1 x RS232   .7   10.4   1.3   .1875  


Simple to use and install: The AFP is a dedicated device that only requires its built-in cable be connected to the Cybex SC Switch’s RCU (Remote Control Unit) port.
Improve situational awareness: By placing the AFP within the user’s field of view, such as on top of the display, the user sees which channel is selected while they are working.
Designed for both desk or display mounting: The AFP can be mounted on top of the display or on the desk.
Ideal for ergonomic sit-stand desks: Using the Cybex AFP means the Cybex SC switch may remain under the desk and only the peripheral keyboard, mouse, card reader, monitor, and AFP cables must extend with the desks movement. 


Simple to use and install.
Eliminate desk clutter.
Easy channel switching with clear indication of the channel selected.
Compatible with four and eight port Cybex SC switches and Avocent SV switches.
Adjustable button light intensity for changes in ambient light.
Cybex AFP may be placed up to 6 feet from Cybex SC switches.
Disable Cybex SC switch's front panel buttons to prevent erroneous channel selection.
No external power required.
Communicates via standard RS232 which can be integrated with video wall controllers such as Crestron.

*To see model-specific downloads, you will need to go to the model-specific product page by selecting the model name in the specifications chart above.

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