October 24-25
Austin, Texas
Palmer Events Center (View Map)
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How do you define your edge? This transformative approach to hosting compute closer to the consumer is becoming increasingly crucial to almost every aspect of daily life and is changing how companies do business. Vertiv is leading industry edge research, application, and infrastructure innovation to help make you compute at the edge more intelligent and future-proof. Visit our experts in booth 18 and talk to us about your edge challenges. Join our opening keynote speaker and panel to learn more.

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October 24, 8:40 AM

Opening Keynote: A Brave New World – The Impact Of Edge On Everything

Jack Pouchet, Vice President of Business Development

A fast-paced exploration of the technology and industry trends that are rapidly changing the data center, network, communications, and IT landscape as the end-user, device / system, sensor, and IoT explosion places real-time computational, data, and heuristic demands at the Edge. With a running commentary and thought-provoking discussion of social, environmental, privacy, and governmental implications as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enable a brave new world.

October 24, 2:20 PM

Panel Discussion: The Real World Edge– Current use cases

Today’s edge will shape the edge of tomorrow! This panel of infrastructure leaders will share their practical experience while discussing common, experimental and visionary edge applications they see and support every day.



Jack Pouchet, VP Business Development, Vertiv

Hugh Carspecken, CEO and Co-Founder, DartPoints

Sharif Fotouh, Founder/CEO, Compass EdgePoint

Martin Olsen, Vice President, Global Edge and Integrated Solutions, Vertiv

Philip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConnex

Mark Bailey, Dell EMC


October 25, 2:00 PM

Farewell BBQ sponsored by Vertiv



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