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The page you're viewing is for English (Canada) region.

Volkswagen Uses Vertiv Environet for 24/7 Facility Monitoring of Edge Locations

February 18, 2019


Prior to Vertiv Environet, Volkswagen didn’t have a practical way to monitor and alert on critical assets in its data centers or remote sites. They worked with the Vertiv Environet team to create an effective, real-time data center monitoring solution. With a reliable system to report when there was an issue, Volkswagen was able to improve their problem to response time.


  • Aggregated view of all edge locations
  • Efficient alarm management for improved problem to response time
  • Around the clock real-time notification

Case Summary
Location:​ Michigan and Ontario
Vertiv Solutions:

Vertiv Environet

Critical Needs:

To monitor data center assets and reduce the length of business interruptions by immediately alerting as issues arise.




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